Rebekah Ford

Design, build, draw, play…

Right now I'm... I'm working on illustration and art projects.

I've worked with a variety of clients; some are individuals or start ups and some are well-known larger brands, mostly in the arts sector. I have worked in a variety of roles including designer/developer, workshop facilitair, mentor, graphic designer, illustrator and artist.

  • Tate
  • Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Arts Council
  • Royal Opera House
  •  The Southbank Centre
  • ShiftMS
  • Penguin Books
  • Young Rewired State
  •  The BBC
  • English National Opera
  • Unthinkable
  •  Lambeth Council


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I love working with people. I like to make clients’ needs into practical examples. I like helping people realise what they want. I like find solutions. I work best when I am collaborating and mentoring. I work with clients on prototypes as well as final products. I like working in multi-disciplined teams as well as mentoring and showcasing work.

I’ve been an experienced designer and developer for many years and these two skills are obviously closely linked. I have always enjoyed both disciplines and the advantage of this is that I can think like a developer when designing and vice versa. I can foresee design issues that I might not be able to do if I didn’t understand code and I can appreciate a designer’s aesthetic requirements whereas some developers don’t. I am passionate about raising awareness of the gap between design and programming.



Since 2006 I have been a freelance consultant, technical project manager, designer, developer and facilitator. Clients have included RSC, Arts Council, Penguin Books, The Southbank Centre, Saatchi & Saatchi, Somethin’ Else, LikeCube, The Royal Opera House and English National Opera.

I started working in the interactive world in the late 90s building my own music event website and then moved on to work at BBC Radio & Music Interactive for 6 years from 2000. I technically managed and built many websites including Radios 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6music, 4extra, 1xtra, Asian Network, The Proms, BBC Music. I mentored a team of very talented front-end coders and project managed many high profile projects. My team and myself were responsible for the build of the BBC Radio Player that has since morphed into the BBC iPlayer and back into a newer Radio Player since.


Other work

In the last few years I have been developing my illustration and portraiture style. I have a life long love of hip hop, renaissance art and ink and pencil lines. I have started to develop a style that I think reflects these loves. I can lose hours in the National Gallery listening to 9th Wonder, Oddisee, The Roots, Sa Ra and Flying Lotus whilst sketching a Caravaggio painting.


Trivial factoids

I started my career as a runner in a commercial art studio, in the 80s and pre-Internet, delivering and liaising with advertising creatives on storyboards and above the line campaign work. In the late 80s / early 90s I worked as a paste-up artist for Deadline comic where I also spent time as a Tank Girl look-alike for the magazine, having to shave off my hair and appearing on the cover of the April 1990 issue.I also enjoyed a fruitful career as a make-up artist during the 90s beautifying models, actors, musicians for photo and video shoots, before changing direction and teaching myself how to build websites.

I spent 5 and half months living in Lisbon in 2006, where I endeavoured to improve my Portuguese language skills as well as discovering more about the country and its people. I have since, been back more times than I can count and consider it my second home.

I occasionally DJ hip hop, old school, funk, soul and disco and I used to be in an all-girl robotic duo called Mekamorphis