Rebekah Ford

Design, build, draw, play…

I accompanied Wired Fellow Annette Mees on Twitter to a pilot workshop at the Point in Eastleigh where she had organised with a group of 15 and 65 year olds to imagine the future in 50 years. Afterwards I designed and illustrated a fanzine based onto the events and outcomes of that day.

Almanac of the Future Fanzine

Story section two

The premise

Annette’s work is very much about communicating and imagining a positive future. She engages various groups of people to work with each other in an attempt to see past dystopian options and create the future they want to see. A lot of the work is intergenerational and the work I did with her involved 15 and 65 year olds.

The work

From a day’s workshop with Annette in Eastleigh with a mixed-age group, I designed and illustrated a fanzine to mark the ideas that came from that day including a good and bad future, a timeline of past and future milestones and additional wishlists of crazy future inventions


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