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RSC Hack Day

In the summer of 2014, I was commissioned to find ways to engage the head of departments at the RSC in new ways of thinking about what and how they offered to their audiences. The RSC has a very large and complex amount of information to convey from one moment to the next. What tangible and effective new methods of delivery could they create within the space of a one day workshop?

I gathered a small team of people that I’ve worked with extensively to help facilitate and set about creating an event similar to a hack. The hack was held in Stratford. Success would be measured by the level of engagement, what practical ideas came out of the day and the feedback and enthusiasm of the attendees.

Some fantastic ideas emerged; some of which have been developed further much to my delight. I hope that this method of working can be revisited with the RSC on more projects as it seemed a very effective way of galvanising and distilling the many creative ideas and energy of the staff whilst also being fun.



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