Rebekah Ford

Design, build, draw, play…

I worked with the Tate Digital team to design & build a new version of the Tate Kids website. I built the templates, designed the overall site, created icons and a full scale pattern library in SASS plus repeatable backgrounds, based on initial visual identities by Marcus Walters.

All Prototyping Projects

ROH Design Toolkit

I was commissioned by the Royal Opera House to help create common design patterns for sections of their site. I developed a SASS pattern library and created some ideas for them to develop further

GCU SIP feasibility study

I worked with Unthinkable Consulting to create design prototypes for a social innovation platform for Glasgow Caledonian University. Working in a team to define the proposition first and in close collaboration with the UX designer, I built prototypes to illustrate how that platform could work

Royal Opera House: Responsive Prototype

I recently worked with the Royal Opera House on a 4 week piece of exploration work on how they may turn their current site into a responsive one