Rebekah Ford

Design, build, draw, play…

I worked with the Tate Digital team to design & build a new version of the Tate Kids website. I built the templates, designed the overall site, created icons and a full scale pattern library in SASS plus repeatable backgrounds, based on initial visual identities by Marcus Walters.

All Responsive Design Projects

One stage at a time

Aoife Mannix is a poet who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She started writing many poems about it and a project evolved called One Stage at a Time. It’s a multi-media performance piece. It’s funded by The Arts Council and supported by Maggie’s centres and Apples & Snakes.

Unthinkable responsive site

I was asked to build Unthinkable Consulting's website as part of their new brand offering. Designed by Paul Finn of Fitzroy & Finn, I took the desktop designs and interpreted these from a mobile-first perspective and built a responsive Wordpress theme.

RSC Create

I worked with RSC and the Arts Council to design and build a website for their joint project RSC Create

RSC Dream16

Taking existing campaign designs, I designed and built a website for RSC's touring production of Midsummer Night's Dream. This was an extensive and large site which was highly customised.

ShiftMS web redesign consult

I was brought in to work with this charity and their core team to create pattern libraries and to mentor staff on working on a digital proposition from scratch plus help recruit a front-end developer to work with the team.

Lambeth Communications

I designed and built another Wordpress theme for Lambeth Communications; the communications PR consultancy service based at Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council Redesign

I have been working on Lambeth Council's new website design since October last year (2013) and then applying the SASS/CSS for the design in Drupal.

Royal Opera House: Responsive Prototype

I recently worked with the Royal Opera House on a 4 week piece of exploration work on how they may turn their current site into a responsive one

Penguin: The Chiappas

The Chiappa Sisters required a website and Penguin asked me to work with their pre-existing branding guidelines.